Call for Papers – 2018 ECMI Annual Conference

The European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI) is calling for a submission of research papers in the areas of sustainable finance, innovative financing and capital markets development. A committee of academics and international experts will select the best paper and award the author a €5,000 prize and the opportunity to present his or her findings at the 2018 ECMI Annual Conferencein Brussels on 10 October 2018.[1] This prestigious international event brings together hundreds of policymakers, academics and industry representatives to take stock of recent developments in European capital markets and analyse their long-term implications.

Research papers should cover, but are not limited to, one or more of the following areas:

  • Innovative policies supporting the financing of innovative firms
  • Raising private vs. public equity
  • Crowdfunding, P2P lending, business angels and venture capital as a source of financing: opportunities and challenges
  • Primary markets activity (e.g. IPOs, rights issue, private placement, preferential allotment)
  • Sustainable investment and inclusive economic growth
  • Impact investing, socially responsible investment and sustainable indexing
  • Climate and environmental risk management
  • Big data, FinTech and financial innovation (e.g. ICOs) for sustainability
  • Cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers
  • Capital markets integration and reconciliation with local market development

ECMI encourages the submission of empirical research papers with relevant implications for the European capital markets legislative framework. Additionally, the research paper should meet the following criteria:

  • Papers should be original and not previously published in an academic journal or other official review.
  • The submission of the paper should be approved by all authors and tacitly or explicitly by the responsible institutions where the work was carried out.
  • Papers should be submitted in English, include an abstract of no more than 200 words, and not exceed 50 pages (including table of contents, appendices, annexes and list of references).
  • Any direct contact by one or more of the authors with members of the Academic Committee should be disclosed in the submission email.
  • Upon acceptance of the prize, the author(s) of the winning paper will be asked to complete and sign a ‘Declaration of Originality’ and to authorise the publication of the paper in the ECMI Working Paper Series.
  • Two files should be submitted by email to: ecmi@ceps.eu by midnight 26 August 2018 containing:

i. A title page with the title, the abstract and the full contact details of the author(s) (full name, address, job title, affiliation and contact details). Contact details should appear on the front page only; and,

ii. The full text of the paper with title and abstract in anonymous format. No contact details, name or any other direct sign should appear in the paper that could make the text attributable to the author(s) by the reviewer.

    • Failure to meet any of the requirements above can result in the exclusion of the paper from consideration in the competition.

Academic Committee

  • Andrei Kirilenko, Imperial College London (Chair)
  • Florencio Lopez de Silanes, SKEMA Business School (Vice Chair)
  • Jesper Lau Hansen, University of Copenhagen
  • Kris Boudt, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Alistair Milne, Loughborough University
  • Bert Scholtens, University of Groningen

Read more about the event http://www.eurocapitalmarkets.org/events/annual-conferences/call-papers-2018-ecmi-annual-conference