Lecture with Prof Steven L Schwartz, Duke University School of Law

Post-crisis efforts to extend bankruptcy-resolution techniques to protect the stability of the financial system have been insufficient. A large reason for this failure is that regulators have confused bankruptcy’s traditional goals of resolving troubled firms individually with the need to resolve critical elements of the financial system to ensure its continued operation as a ”system”. This requires resolving troubled firms collectively, as well as resolving securities-trading markets and the infrastructure that serves to facilitate that trading. The Lecture will explain these problems and will examine how to design more effective resolution-based regulation.

Time and place: Monday April 16th 2018 at 16.15. University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law. 76 Njalsgade, DK 2300 S. Room: Alf Ross-auditorium (KUA3-9A.3.01). To sign up follow this link.