How to use this website

NKN stands for Nordisk Kapitalmarkedsretligt Netværk (at least in Danish), which means the Nordic Network for Capital Market Law.

The ambition of NKN is to provide a forum for and thereby facilitate research in capital market law by academics and practitioners. We are based in the Nordic Region and comprise EU and EEA Member States, but we also welcome interaction with researchers from other jurisdictions. To keep it open we have decided to communicate in English, although it is of course possible to contribute in one of the Nordic languages.

How it works

What’s up: Here you will find events of relevance. You can advertise an event by contacting

What’s new: This is a law blog which is open for comment on new developments, e.g. new legislation or new cases. All can join in or comment. Keep it civil and learned. We reserve the right to deleted content that fails this standard.

Who’s who: A list of people engaged in research either in academia or public/private practise with links to their personal homepage. You too can become a NKN contact person for your institution, just let us know if you’re interested – and check with your colleagues that they agree. You can join by contacting

Country information: A list of useful links to authorities, registers etc. of relevance for research in capital market law.

Law reports: Reports on Nordic court or administrative decisions concerning EU law. To contribute with a report in English contact

Working papers:

If you want to post a relevant working paper on NKN, forward it in pdf-format to You can also mention it on What’s new to begin a discussion of your paper.

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