Introducing Liikejuridiika – Finnish Business Law Journal

What is Finnish Bussiness Law Journal?

Finnish Business Law Journal is a Finnish-based legal journal seeking to extend its reach to the entire Nordic region. It has nearly 15 years of tradition reaching the first publication of its predecessor – the Business Law Forum annual series of the Private law department of the University of Helsinki.

The focus of the journal is on broadly understood business law. Both refereed articles and short writings, such as, case comments, book reviews, writings about changes in law and opponent’s statements, are published in Finnish Business Law Journal. The journal supports open acces publication and allow the writers to share their published articles via open access sites such as SSRN.com three months after the publication.

Finnish Business Law Journal is a forum for high quality legal research publications in Finnish, English and Swedish language. Finnish Business Law Journal recently received a JUFO 1 certification from the Finnish Publication Forum – a classification system of publication channels created by the Finnish scientific community to support the quality assessment of academic research.

Every year a one theme issue and two standard issues are published. The next issue will be a special issue on theme of sustainability. The theme is understood broadly to include anything related to sustainable development, responsible business and social justice. It includes but is not limited to such current topics as liability issues in different business entities, corporate social responsibility, environmental liability in business, tax evasion, circular economy and even labor disputes.
In the past, our content has included, for example, contract law, company law, taxation, insolvency law, public procurement and arbitration law. We have also published pieces on comparative law and EU law. No article is required to have a connection to Finnish law.

How do I publish in Finnish Business Law Journal?

If you are interested in publishing in Finnish Business Law Journal, please contact the journal’s Editorial Secretary (anssi.karki@ulapland.fi) or the Chief Editor (daria.kozlowska-rautiainen@juridicum.su.se). You can contact for additional information or even send a complete article out of the blue.